November 11 Update from Fulton County Schools

The following announcement was posted on Tuesday on Fulton County’s social media and sent to the community.

Fulton Families, Students, Staff and Community:

Fulton County Schools (FCS) is monitoring data and have noted the current increase of COVID-19 cases in Fulton County. School leaders are working closely with the Fulton County Board of Health (FCBOH) and value their partnership and advice in the process of evaluating the situation in our community. Together we are watching the numbers rise and have concerns about community spread. Many have asked what steps FCS will follow for school operations for the near future under these circumstances.

First, we ask all families and community partners continue to take this virus seriously. We need your cooperation to take the appropriate steps to protect yourselves and others, report to our parent and staff portals when you are testing, and stay home when sick and/or quarantined. We all need to follow public health guidelines, wear masks, wash hands and do not gather in large social groups. If our schools are to continue with a face-to-face instruction after the holidays and into the next calendar year, we all need to be vigilant and safe.

Second, district and school leadership are discussing options should the community spread numbers continue to go up. FCS is closely monitoring cases at school levels, and compared to our total number of students and staff, only a limited number of individuals have been diagnosed with or had to quarantine because of COVID-19. The effectiveness of the Closure Matrix has helped the district to manage situations locally and therefore limit the disruption to learning across our 100+ schools. So far, we have had to temporary close only a handful of schools and change them to remote learning; however, we are prepared to go to districtwide Universal Remote Learning if necessary. FCS will continue to communicate with FCBOH to establish the appropriate data for this determination.

Finally, Dr. Looney and district leadership will discuss these circumstances with the Board of Education today (Tuesday) and will continue to keep the community apprised should any further actions be necessary.

Fulton County Covid Reporting Portal

Cases in Schools:

Fulton County Coronavirus Info:

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