It’s Ok not to be Ok: Plant a possibility for National School Psychologist Week

By: Saaniah Hardy  

A sapling — a small tree. It can fit in your hands with a potential of growing into this amazing powerful plant. Yet it has the possibility of growing into an enormity that all need to live. 

November 9th -13th is this year’s  School Psychology Awareness Week. Ms. Blinder, our school psychologist, has this to say bout the day based the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) explanation of this metaphor: 

“This year’s SPAW (School Psychology Awareness Week) theme is “The Power of Possibility” The word ‘possibility’ implies hope, growth, resilience, and renewal. ‘Possibility’ suggests that even something as small as a seed can grow into something magnificent. The word ‘power’ implies that things can and will happen. When we focus on what is possible, we have hope that students will grow, thrive, and bloom!”  

The days of the week are as follows:

Awareness Monday: Highlight the comprehensive role of our School Psychologists – Ms. Blinder. 

Appreciation Tuesday: Focusing on the amazing work school psychologists do day-to-day.  

Advocacy Wednesday: Encouragement from the public for legislative policies and practices.  

Allyship Thursday: Raising more valued importance to the work for social justice and equity for students and families.  

Affirmation Friday: Celebrate the pride in psychology and acknowledge the importance of self-care.  

From The Oracle staff: We appreciate everything you do for our school and our community! 

You can find all this information and ways to join and support the NASP with this link below and give Ms. Blinder a thankful email:  

Ms. Blinder’s email: 

NASP website:  

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