Football is back!

by Will Hopkins

It’s the one of the best times of the year – the fall. Why? Football is back! The NFL just completed its ninth week of games, many college teams have started up their seasons, and high schools (including North Springs) have kicked off as well, albeit with some defeats.  The Atlanta Falcons started off the year with many tough losses but have somewhat turned things around.  At this point in the season, there are many teams with Super Bowl aspirations, including the only undefeated team remaining, the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the collegiate landscape, Georgia Bulldogs were off to a hot, undefeated start before falling to now top-ranked Alabama as well as Florida, and UGA’s in-state foe, Georgia Tech, has had a truly up-and-down season thus far. Georgia Southern has started 5-2, while the Georgia State Panthers sit at 3-3. Unfortunately, Kennesaw State will not be playing football this year because of the pandemic, but there’s a lot going on in the Georgia football world, nonetheless. Although this season has not gone to plan for my favorite teams, the Falcons and Bulldogs, there is no time of year I love more than football season. 

For my whole life, my schedule has always revolved around sports, especially football. Despite only playing one season, I rarely pass up the opportunity to sit on the couch and watch the game that I love on a fall weekend. Football is a great stress reliever. No matter what is going on in your life, watching football is a great way to take your mind off of it and relax – until you are biting your nails, nervous at the outcome of your favorite team’s big matchup. I am a firm believer that the toughest part of the year is the short period of time that students in Atlanta have when school starts, but there is no football. Luckily, with this year’s quirky sports calendar, other games have filled the void that normally wouldn’t, such as playoff basketball and hockey, but the return of football is extremely exciting, nonetheless.  

I have especially enjoyed the ability to sit on the couch all day on Sundays, watching the NFL, to fill the void of boredom that is easy to find in quarantine. There’s nothing quite like watching the Falcons or NFL RedZone, which enables fans to see all the biggest plays from every game. On Thursdays and Mondays, I can look forward to watching the NFL’s big game at night, which just means a little bit more to me in 2020.  

With the crazy year that we have endured, it is great to be able to unite over the game on the gridiron. Football brings people together in a magical way, and although some fans cannot always see their teams play in person this year, watching the game on television can make them feel a part of something bigger. Whether its school spirit for a high school or college, city pride for your favorite NFL team, or even just high hopes for the guys on your fantasy team, it is time to put on your fan gear and rally for the game you love! 

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