Important Message from Fulton County Schools

This message went out on Sunday to North Springs parents. Information was also posted online by Fulton County.

Good evening North Springs Parents,

This is an important message from Fulton County Schools.

The District has decided to place North Springs High School in Remote Learning for forty-eight hours based on a Level 2 incident from the FCS closing matrix. All students will continue to learn on Monday, November 9th and Tuesday November 10th using Microsoft Teams.

We anticipate school will resume for face to face instruction on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

Students will follow the normal block schedule Monday and Tuesday while we are in remote learning. That schedule is enclosed. Students will log into MS Teams at the assigned time as they did at the start of the school year. During the 8th period block Tuesday, teachers will have office hours for students who need help and for tutoring. Teachers will communicate those opportunities out for our students.

All school based activities and practices have been cancelled Monday and Tuesday.

COVID Reporting for Students
The Fulton County Board of Health and Fulton County Schools have developed an on-line portal for FCS parents/guardians to report student COVID-19 related cases. Please make a report to the FCBOH when your student is COVID-19 positive, has a pending COVID-19 test result, or has been in direct contact with a COVID-19 positive person. Also, please use this resource for official reporting rather than alerting the school and/or teacher. If you must engage the school/teacher, please do so after you have made an official report to the FCBOH. Lastly, to ensure the protection of our school community, please do not allow your child to attend school or school-sponsored events when he/she is ill and/or has any of the above COVID-19 concerns. Please reference the attached flyer and consider posting it in a visible location for easy access.

Reporting portal information for parents and students, (English).
Reporting portal information for parents and students (Spanish)

Fulton County Coronavirus Updates:

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