What to Expect Being in Oracle

By: Ashley Pope

                Being a part of Oracle gives you a firsthand experience of being a news reporter. The Oracle staff at North Springs Charter Highschool is one big happy family. The Oracle staff is able to participate in contest, Publications Day, and journalism conferences. Everyone on staff has their own responsibilities, but they are always able to lean on others if they need assistant. Depending on how many years you have been a part of Oracle, gives you an advantage with helping put articles on the website. Being apart of Oracle benefits you in other areas, such as grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. The process of finding, creating and posting an article requires multiple steps that takes time and help from our editors. 

                 At the beginning of this interesting year adapting to each other work ethics and getting use to each other’s writing styles took time. As we still take the time to get to know each other over computer. Producing an article takes more than one person, because each step requires a helping hand from another one of our peers. During first semester we start off slow and we walk each other through the process of publishing an article. One of the best things about being a student led class is the support you have from your collgues.                 

                 The process of finding a topic you want to talk about it harder than it looks, looking for a theme that meets the requirements and is appropriate for the school website. Starting off on your first will not be as easy as you think but it is, not as stressful as the end of the year article. Once you find a subject you are passionate about the research begins. Gathering all the facts and pictures you need and finally putting it all together in a rough draft. The rough draft will be edited by one our editors and eventually your rough draft will be sent back to you in a couple of days to correct the marked errors. Depending on what the editor and sponsor’s critique is will determine the date your final draft of your article will be posted.   

               While producing your article pictures must be used to help portray your message. If interviewing or questions are required, the writer can go out to the field and get their hands a little dirty. Once you have gathered all the facts and your final draft is done, the next step is sending it to our tow current  editors so they can reread and finally post it in the school website. The day your article goes up is a day of relief and happiness. After it is posted, your next article starts off with you creating a list of interest to choose me. 

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