Echo Presents: “A Student’s Perspective”

a poem by: Isaac Linnen

The year has started 

With a fizzle, not a bang.  

 But the work still comes in all the same. 

All I can say is “Dang.” 

From connection issues to user error 

Computers lag…behind. 

Constant restarts, shutdowns, and updates, 

With every boot-up I wonder what will cut out this time.  

But we move along online 

From virtual class to class

Every digital note, paper and assignment 

To ensure that we pass. 

Some courses are way easier,

Some are thorns in my side.

Remembering due work isn’t a hassle 

Thanks to simple PowerPoint slides. 

Though I do miss the connections, 

Seeing friends and teachers through the day 

I would say it’s a reasonable trade off 

To save lives in any way.  

Echo Literary Magazine seeks to provide an online forum for North Springs students to share their creative writing, photos, and art. For more information, or to send submissions, email

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