PROS winners announced!

PBIS is the North Springs way of rewarding students for their efforts and contributions to a positive school culture. Students who exhibit the PROS (Being Prepared, Respectful, On-time, and making Smart choices receive rewards of “Spartabucks,” virtual currency that allow them to purchase prizes from their teachers and the school. North Springs began a weekly prize drawing of students who purchased tickets, and this trend continued in the spring when the shit was made to virtual and continues now! Congratulate them if you have them in class today, and check out the video below to see who got pied in the face–another bonus for our lucky winners!

-Nia Bennett

-Matthew Demps

-Keziah Plange

-Nathan Salpeter

-Kinzell Spencer

For more information about PBIS Rewards and earning Spartabucks for the next raffle, download the app at and speak to your teachers today!

 Virtual Learning
P PreparedOrganize your materials Have a backup plan if you get disconnectedCharge your device overnight and have your charger close by while working
  R   RespectfulWait for your turn to speakUse the raise your hand featureUtilize chat features appropriatelyMute microphone when others are speakingRespect others’ opinions  
On Time
Login on timeBe present/actively engagedComplete tasks on time  
Smart Choices
Minimize distractionsSet daily goalsCreate a schedule to complete workCreate a space to work without distractionReach out to the teacher for helpFollow digital class norms

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