Meet the 2020-2021 Oracle & Echo staff!

The staff of the 2020-2021 Oracle Webpaper and Echo Literary Magazine would like to tell you about themselves!

Pictured from top L to R Courney Suber, Isaac Linnen.

Middle L to R: ZaRae Ridley, Veronica Kogan

Bottom: Saaniah Hardy, Allie Luna, Will Hopkins.

Not pictured: Elizabeth Agoda, Emily Papleaux, Michelle Boleno.

Courney Suber (Oracle Editor-in-Chief): When I’m told to write an intro about myself, I wonder what I should say… “My name is Courtney Suber and I’m a junior at North Springs Charter High School?” No… that sounds way too bland. Well I do have something that’s an instant conversation starter. I LOVE Bad Girls Club. And when I say I love it I mean I spent nearly all summer watching seasons 6-17. I’m thinking of watching seasons 1-5 but they’re so old… The first season premiered in 2006. I was literally two years old in 2006. But when I’m not obsessing over BGC it’s either school or something else. I’m this year’s editor-in-chief for the North Springs Oracle, a member of North Springs mock trial, and a rower at Atlanta Junior Rowing Association. I mainly write about politics and school news, but I would love to dabble into niche entertainment (like Bad Girls Club and reality TV in general) and address how it affects culture and small sectors of the population, like teenagers. I’m happy to be aboard and look forwards plenty towards this year.

Saaniah Hardy (Oracle Managing Editor, Teen Health): Saaniah Hardy here and back again for the new year! This year I’m going to be the editorial manager, as well as keeping up with my column. If you are a new reader, I write about mental health, and here and there I create games for people to enjoy! This is my senior year, so I basically know North Springs, which gives me a lot of ways to give out advice. For college I want to major in journalism so that’s why I take this class very seriously, but I still like to have fun, I can’t wait to get to know our new family!

Will Hopkins (Sports): My name is Will Hopkins, and I am a senior at North Springs. I have lived in Atlanta my whole life, and I love this city to death, even through the thick and thin (the thin is the thick, too – traffic and the collection of cases of sports misery). At North Springs, I have met some amazing teachers and friends, and grown much closer with my long-time pals. Although the work can be difficult and burdensome, I still find the free time to hang out with my friends, play golf, and watch and go to sporting events with my family (pre-COVID, of course). Only time will tell, but I think North Springs has prepared me well for life after high school. My goals for after graduation include attending the University of Georgia and becoming a sports broadcaster. I am taking journalism so that I can work on my sports writing, which could come in handy down the road. Although this profession could take me elsewhere, I would love to stay in my hometown to help me stay close with my friends, family, and favorite teams!

Emily Papleux (Opinions and World Issues): I am in 11nth grade. This is my second year in Oracle, and I am so excited to get started. I like to write feminist pieces and awareness articles such as environmental and mental health. My favorite authors are Sarah J. Maas, and Jennifer Niven. I am currently reading the end of the Acotar series and I am going to start reading some stand-alone’s afterwards. One fun fact about myself is I am obsessed with instant ramen.

Ashley Pope: (Social Media and Publicity): I have been in Oracle for two years now. I love writing but, my passion has also drifted to media specialists. This is my senior year, I am very excited and get wait to leave my mark on the school. I play volleyball and I also participate in Girl Scouts. My future goals is to become a forensic scientist and to own a foster home for kids that have yet to be adopted. I think owning that type of home would help me and the kids. Reason why is I have been in there foot steps and I want to give them hope for there future.

Elizabeth Agoda (Echo staff writer): I’m Elizabeth but I go by Izzii a lot. I lived in Minnesota half of my life and I just relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. My favorite color is red & I’m also energetic as well as loving, and caring. I love too cook & try new things but I truly dislike seafood it’s so gross to me in every way. My birthday is December 2nd. My sisters and I are all born in December. I love math it’s not easy but it’s not hard. I love writing story’s about my day I have actually wrote a couple stories, and I plan on writing a book I’m actually in the process of writing my own book. I want to own my own fashion line for adults and teenage girls, and I would also love to look into being a writer .

Veronica Kogan (Echo Staff Writer): Hi! My name is Veronica and I’m a junior and new Echo staff member here at North Springs. I’m definitely more of a humanities person than a STEM person; I’ve been playing piano for 12 years and singing for the last seven. Creative writing has always been one of my hobbies. My writing style is more dramatic in a comedic sense—I’ve never been too good at writing serious stories, which usually come out sounding like a terrible Spanish soap opera. Yeah, that bad. I like to write short stories and have never ventured into writing longer, more complex pieces, but I wouldn’t mind trying it sometime. If you enjoy writing and/or are interested in sharpening up your personal essay skills for those upcoming college essays like I am, join the Writer’s Block club, of which I am the president. I’m also the vice president of the mock trial team. You should join that too, but I won’t tell you why. Mysterious, right?

Isaac Linnen (Echo Staff Writer): I’m a new member of the staff here. I am a freshman and am excited for this school year. I like to write narratives and informational pieces and on an every so off occasion, poetry. My hobbies include, sleeping, Boy Scouts, and balancing things on my head, specifically books, water bottles and computers. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. The only sports I like are college football and soccer. I’m ready to provide my help to the success of Echo and hope to have a good year.  

Alexandra “Allie” Luna (Echo Staff Writer): This is my second year with the Literary Magazine. I enjoy writing narratives and poems and one of my favorite genres to write about are adventures. I just celebrated my fifteenth birthday with an amazing quinceañera in February. I was born in Guatemala and adopted at five months old. We lived in Dallas Texas at that time, my hobbies included gymnastics, dance, swimming and all-star cheerleading at Spirit of Texas.  After moving to Alpharetta, I continued cheering at Stingray Allstars and started working on becoming fluent in Spanish. This past summer I was an American Ambassador with Faces and Cultures foreign exchange program at a high school in Guatemala City. I have now been a competitive cheerleader for eight years and I am also a varsity cheerleader at North Springs. I have been accepted as a Rotary American Ambassador in Spain where I will study Spanish as a foreign exchange student after COVID-19 comes to an end.

ZaRae Ridley: (Echo Staff Writer): First thing about me is I love writing. I started writing my own stories when I was in the 6th grade. I mostly write romance stories since I read a lot of romance novels myself.  I’m described by my friends as weird and funny. I enjoy making people laugh and I do admit that I can be weird. I talk to myself a lot when I have nothing else to do or I’ll start dancing out of nowhere. My favorite color is grey because it reminds me of a storm and I really love rain. I’m from Tifton, Georgia. I tell people that and they don’t know where it even is. It’s a small city in South Georgia. I’m country by the way. I’m a Taurus. I can be stubborn which is a characteristic of a Taurus. Last thing about me is I’m the oldest of five children. I have four younger sisters. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I’m never bored with them around.

Michelle Boleno: Hellooo! My name is Michelle Beleno. I am a 16- year- old who loves her cat more than anything. You can chill, though; I am not a cat lady. My cat named Leo is just adorable. I like to play volleyball or soccer when I have spare time. When I have extra money to spend off my paycheck I love to go shopping with my friends. Overall, I like to write and I am a mentor for Mr. Throne’s Lit Mag and Journalism class.

Mr. Throne: (NOracle and Echo Sponsor): Mr. Throne has sponsored both the Online Newspaper and Literary Magazine for quite some time. He loves his returning and new staff and the energy and positivity they bring to these online publications. He had grandiose plans for both publications until he broke his leg in a skiing accident while hiking through an ancient volcano, which is why The Oracle is getting off to a later start than usual.. One of the statements in the previous sentence is true.

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