There’s always a shining light: songs and memes for your Corona playlist and viewing!

by Saniaah Hardy

I know we are all tired of hearing things about COVID-19, and we don’t like being stuck inside all day long. We do have to admit though there are a lot of good songs coming from this virus, so we made a list that you should add to your Corona playlist! These songs are:

Beating Corona:

By: Lance Avery Brown

Learn how to keep the virus away from North Springs finest

  1. Hello (from the inside) An Adele Parody

Recommended to use subtitles makes it funnier

By: Chris Mann

  1. In Quarantine – Under The Sea Parody (Songs about Coronavirus)

Even undersea the virus is taking over?


  1. Beauty and The Beast – The Corona Version

COVID-19 hits even the small villages, no one is safe.

By: Luxenburg Sharon

  1. COVID-19 Is Killing me Tik Tok – Coronavirus Songs

What’s a list without a Tik Tok mention?

Posted by: Trend Tik Tok Followers

  1. Bohemian Virus Rhapsody by Queen COVID-19 Coronavirus Parody

The Queen of COVID-19

 By: Jennifer Corday & Sara Boucher

  1. COVID-19 Together we will rise up

A cover by Brigitte Wickens with video clips of our heroes! Thank you for all you guys do!!

By: Brigitte Wickens

  1. Corona Song– Instagram

For those, who like laughs or just need a laugh.

Posted by: Disworth


Now time for the Quarantine memes, we truly can not handle having so much free time!

 (After this line)

  1. We love the class of 2020 but this one will get them confused

Posted by: boujee.szns

  1. Posted by:theshaderoom

3. COVID-19 is controlling our world like…

Posted by: funimiaa

4. People at first were going crazy over COVID-19 cat crazy

Posted by: cuffedtings

5. Is this really how our world is viewed now? Because I see it

Posted by:

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