The theatre is closed!

by Emily Papleaux

As most of you well know, the North Springs theatre department was preparing a production of Carrie: The musical. Unfortunately, musicals around the globe have been forced to shut down thanks to the Corona Virus. This is a major loss for the theatre crew, and what took weeks of hard work and participation.

“Everyone involved in the production of Carrie: The Musical was deeply passionate about what they had created,” says sophomore Hannah Bright. “Missing our opening night, especially for the seniors, is one of the hardest things we would have endured. To make up for the lack of production, and regular show rituals, we did an online paper plate award ceremony.”

But this does not stop art of theatre. Many have put on productions of online sing-alongs, such as “Marie’s Crisis Café”, and “Hamilton, June 8th. Many shows are moving online for convenience, so you can still enjoy them from the safety of your home. The North Springs theater department even got in on the act, thanks to Mr. King and many students who recorded the monologue show “Stranded: Views from Quarantine.”

There’s not only Broadway shows, but online reading videos/podcasts. Examples include, the reading of the Harry Potter series by the original cast each chapter, a reading of The Hobbit by Gollum actor Andy Serkis, and Pulitzer-Prize winning Michael Chabon, who started a series of reading children’s books online. He reads popular classics such as “The Story of Ferdinand”, by Munro Leaf. His first reading was a book in which he had wrote himself, called “The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man”.

This unfortunate pandemic has brought more negative than positive, but in a way, has brought out the artist is side of entrepreneurs, and brought people closer together in this time of need (figuratively of course). Whether it be online shows, readings, or award ceremonies, this proves how we all need to stick together through thick and thin, helping in every way we can.

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