Echo and Oracle graduates bid their farewells

Ashley Pope, Oracle’s social media specialist, bids a thoughtful farewell to her friends in the staff and our seniors. Although it’s sad to see our long-time staff members go, several members of our staff plan to return including Ashley, Emily Papleaux, up-and-coming Managing Editor Saaniah Hardy, and Editor-in-Chief Courtney Suber! We look forward to seeing what these talented writers and staff will do next year!

A Final Goodbye

by: Kimberly Lawson, Echo Lit Mag

For the first three years I first walked the halls of North Springs, I walked with a wide-eyed wonder wanting to know what the future would be. I never imagined that very moment would be the maker to my high school life. Every place in that school became the building block for my major life moments. The gym is where I first found my best friends who became like my sisters. The chorus room became my sanctuary for the music that was stuck in my head that I could never get out. My writing class gave the strength to write and be a storyteller again. Those tiny moments made me myself.

I admit the first two years were filled with being somebody that I was not. Then, the last two years freed me. A goodbye is meant for a few words only. Its short and simple. But my goodbye is a recollection of memories, moments and events. That contains a confidence booster, pride, hard work, and love along with compassion.

Here is my final goodbye. A final farewell.

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