Echo Presents: “The Making of a Hero”

A story about the the power of positive thinking by graduating senior Kimberly Lawson

Margaret looked at the computer screen with deep hatred. Just one word, one word, and that could define her whole writing career To know how she got to the point, one needs to start at the beginning…

Twenty-Four Hours earlier

Margret looked at the mirror as she applied her makeup with a swift hand. Today was the day. The book she had been working on for more than a year was complete and she was hours away from a meeting with the top publishing company to sell it.

The Making of a Hero,” she said in the mirror as the last of the lipstick went onto her lips.

That title — mere words that was stuck in her head until she finally wrote them down. Then, after she wrote them down, a whole story flowed from her mind onto her paper with strokes of her pen, word-by-word.

The Making of a Hero was a coming to age story about a young woman who was starting to explore her twenties for the first time. The story was purely fictional, but after her mother and sister read it, the only thing that they could say was it was truly about her.

She brushed off the comment and walked to the kitchen counter, putting the empty cup that held her coffee into the sink. The book meant the world to her, and landing a big meeting with a big publishing company was a surprise of its own.

She chose a classic black and white striped power suit. The suit was a spontaneous purchase that haunted her, but now it fit the moment perfectly.

She checked the time on her watch and ran out of her apartment, shutting the door with a loud bang. The keys shacked in her hands as she locked the door. She hopped on the elevator and went down to the lobby, then out the door to catch a cab to the office in mid-town.

After waving her hands for two minutes, a cab finally stopped. She hopped in, rattling off the destination to the driver with nerves feeling like they were shivering through her words.

The cab ride took five minutes, but her nerves were still bubbling under the surface. The cab stopped at the entrance to the office where she knew that her dreams would finally come true.

She walked into the office to the receptionist, who led her to the meeting room.

After two hours of taking through her practiced pitched, she walked out of the conference room, feeling confident with every stride of her heeled foot.

When she got home back to her apartment, she took out her laptop, then staried at her emails waiting for the key to her dreamed future. She closed her eyes and imagined it.

She closed her eyes and saw it happening.

A ding jolted her from her daydream, and she opened the new email. This was her making of a hero.

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