How do you hold a distanced graduation?

by Emly Papleaux

According to the 16,404 ranked schools in 2019, 84.6% of the average high school senior graduate. But some this year did not get that final relief of finishing their high school days. Graduations are usually a big milestone achieved, mostly for excited seniors, right on the brink of entering the new and fascinating world of college. But because of the Corona virus that has diseased our world, most graduation ceremonies were cancelled.

 Students have found other ways to celebrate their graduation. “A few other kids in my neighborhood are having a drive-by parade this weekend, and my parents are hosting a Zoom g aduation party with my family after my last AP exam,” says Elaine Berger, a senior. “Our official graduation ceremony was cancelled, but we had a makeshift one instead.  Each senior has a specific date and time assigned for them to walk across the stage of our theatre in a cap and gown and receive their diploma (Socially distanced, of course).”

Many seniors have had parades at public parks or driveways (Please use caution and use masks or gloves). Others have done online parties on Zoom or other online interactive platforms that allow them to celebrate their end of the year celebration. Others have handled it okay, but most have felt more than disappointed by the unfortunate events that led to the demise of their ceremony.

“There’s been lots of tears , screaming, and therapeutic ice cream to process that we’re missing out on core American experiences that we will never get back,” said one senior.

Nevertheless, North Springs led the charge of combining ceremony with an online experience during Covid sheltering. Senior socially distanced filming of speeches, chorus, JROTC and socially distanced student processional occurring on campus this week, with the online virtual broadcast on Youtube on May 26th.

Thanks to @NSSpartans, and NSHS admin and staff contributors for their Tweeted images for those of us who could not be there for filming and for Mr. Bacallao for dedicating so much of his time to make sure the seniors had some closure, even if as online Youtube stars!

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