Sports: Are they coming back?

by Senam Quartey

The return of sports is imminent. Yes, your favorite leagues are hopeful to make comebacks. The NFL draft taking place virtually was a sign of hope that not all our joy is taken away by this Coronavirus crisis. It’s not only the NFL continuing on with business, but also the NBA, MLB, and MLS. NBA team practice facilities opened for players. This comes as an attempt to salvage the rest of the season and resume the NBA postseason. The MLS still has plans to save and restart their season, but teams are starting a refund process for fans who bought tickets ahead of time.

Leagues have been finding alternatives, from virtual drafts, to playing NBA2K with select players, to streaming workouts of the most popular athletes worldwide. These are the small things they’re using to cope with the loss of everyone’s beloved games for the time being. With the leagues having television airtime to fill, they are even showing previously played “classic games.” It may not be as thrilling as live, but it’s a way to keep enthused and remember those good moments.

These are all great signs for sports fans and make each one of us smile more because they give us hope. In Georgia, the Governor is reopening business,a teams are following suit. The Atlanta Hawks became the last team to agree to reopen practice facilities. In a statement from the Hawks, the team was last because it just wants to take all precautionary actions to ensure the safety of their players. This is a sentiment that all people should be applying to themselves and family in everyday life.

The main thing we all want to do is stop the spread of COVID-19 and also get back to life as we once knew it. To all sports fans, we hope soon to do that, to get all our highs and lows, and our excitement and disappointment. We are very much hopeful sports will come back soon and it will be “Game on!”

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