The Art of Letter Writing: Social Distancing Edition

Why Letter Writing Deserves a Comeback | Wellness Today
Photo Via: Wellness Today

By: Courtney Suber

Letter writing is a pastime that millions have utilized and marveled over in the past, but as society progressed on with technology and the email was invented we seemed to fall out of touch. Except for the occasional birthday card with twenty dollars from your grandma;I doubt that you dear reader have received or written a letter in ages. 

Although coronavirus is projected to destroy our economy and kill millions, we’ve been able to learn the virtue of spending time with others. To be in solitude among only your immediate family is torture, and picking up a pencil and some paper can relieve the want for human interaction.

To write a letter is to pour your heart out on paper. Are you missing a friend especially because of social distancing? Shoot them a letter! Are you bored and want to work on vocab and writing? Write a letter! Need to break up with someone but don’t want to do it over the phone? Write a letter… but I’m not sure if that can be compared to in-person interaction. I personally have taken advantage of letter writing to report to my friends about all the new music I’m listening to… only to not send it. It still served as a time wasting activity that served me with the pros of letter writing though!

Either way letters are a way to show how much you care, and writing to someone on your mind is a sure way to brighten up their day and yours. 

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