Quarantine Netflix Show/Movie Review

Netflix Review | PCMag
Photo Via: Netflix

By: Emily Papleux

The Vampire Diaries: I would give this series a 9/10 rating. Though it may come off as the stereotypical cliché tv show in which a girl falls in love with vampires, this show is binge-worthy and is filled with sarcasm, witty jokes and lots of action. The reason its not a full rating is because it’s a little serious, not made for light watchers. Though there is a funny quip here and there, it’s darker than anything. This series presents new and complicated threats each season. It starts off with a girl starting her junior year of high school, about three months after her parents died in a car crash. Her friends Bonnie and Caroline try their best to cheer her up, but what catches her interest is a new student, Stefan Salvatore.

Gotham: Based on the DC universe in which Batman (AKA Bruce Wayne), was still in his young teenage years. I give this show an 8/10 rating. I would usually give this show a 10/10, but seeming as this is quarantine themed, I think the plot would be a bit much to handle on late nights, or just in general. This series shows an action-packed plot with mob bosses and young Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Jim Gorgon, Penguin, and many more. The show starts off with Bruce’s parents being killed in a dark alleyway. Jim Gordon, a G.C.P.D rookie, promises the boy to find his parents killer.

Riverdale: This show gets a rating of 3/10, because of its poorly composed writing and stage acting. The first season starts off with a murder in a small town of you guessed it: Riverdale. Four teenagers get into a drama-filled and messy situation as they try to find out who killed Jason Blossom, a school Quarterback. The seasons get more dumber it seems, as they take part in unrealistic situations. This show is binge-worthy, but not in a good-quality type of way.

I am Not Okay with This: This show gets a 10/10. Starring the fabulous Sophia Lillis, playing an insecure teenager named Sydney Novak with telekinetic abilities. Her best friends’ boyfriend, the school’s golden boy, is the main antagonist. Her new friend, Stanley Barber, played by Wyatt Oleff, stands by her as she faces the not so normal experiences of a teenager with special abilities. The shows writing and composition is overall magnificent and is a must see.

Everything sucks: This show gets an 8/10 for its amazing plot and humorous lessons. Set in the 80’s, this show is about a gay teenage girl named Kate, and her best friend Luke. Luke makes advancements as her secret admirer, but little does he know she has little to no interest in him. When an awkward accident happens with the theatre department, the drama kids and AV club join forces to make the best movie of their time.

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