NSOracle.com, Echo Lit Mag, and Phalanx Yearbook staff appreciate NSHS Teachers!

Oracle, Echo, and Phalanx Yearbook staff sharing their smiles with all of their teachers.
Thank you, teachers for all that you do!

For the end of Teacher Appreciation Week, members of the publications staffs give shout outs to NSHS teachers.

“Dear Teachers,

 I appreciate all the love and support you have provided towards me as a student. To all the laughs and hugs you guys provided me with when I was not having a good day. I hope you guys are doing well and taking care of yourselves.”

– Ashley Pope, NSOracle.com Features & Op Ed Writer


“Through this tough time, our patience not only as students and teachers but as a community has been tested, and NSHS teachers have geared up for the test. Thank you all so much for not only this patience but the care and attentiveness that has been given to students. This is a hard time for us all, but our teachers have managed to assiduously work hard for themselves and those they teach.”

Courney Suber, NSOracle reviewer and staff writer


NSHS Teachers and staff, in the era before socially distancing.

“The period of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an incredibly tough time for various families as they deal with worrying about the best ways to keep themselves safe, providing enough food and a secure environment, as well as worrying for extended families and friends and their welfare. Although the situation resulted in the closing of schools, the excruciating period has not in any way affected the zeal and work ethics of our wonderful teachers at North Springs High School. We truly appreciate all your efforts in ensuring all students are able to receive the necessary education we are entitled to despite the changes, as well as your remarkable patience
in giving out tasks and seeking students that are finding it difficult in completing these tasks. I would love to thank all my teachers of the 2019-2020 semester for making my only and final chance at being a Junior not only outstanding but memorable. I know even I have not been the
best student but I must say I am continually impressed with all your kind efforts in keeping us on track in our educational lives and making us prepared for life after high school.”

-May Olotu, Echo Literary Magazine staff


“Thank you, teachers! This has been difficult and inconvenient for everyone, but some of you have done a great job! Mr. Smith (APUSH) and Mrs. Dang, thank you for always being supportive and staying consistent. We appreciate you! My aunt, Shea Konigsmark, has been doing great work in making sure the students and teachers of Marietta City Schools are still engaged in online learning! Thank you all for your efforts to keep our great state of Georgia educated, even from home!”

-Nina Schwelm, Echo Literary Magazine Editor


“I was raised by teachers. Not just my mother, whose years of teaching made her into a kind parent and an even kinder person, but the many teachers who have guided me. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It took a school to raise me. I grew up as a “weird kid,” which is to say I grew up without many friends. Many of the friends I did have, for as long as I can remember, have been the teachers who were patient with me. The ones who saw my eccentricities as brilliance rather than annoyance. They encouraged me in a society that would rather squish any inkling of nonconformity within me. I know this is the experience of many other kids with ADHD or autism like me, so on behalf of all of us “weird kids,” thank you for being there.”

-Raviv Walker, Echo Literary Magazine Staff Writer


“Students wouldn’t be able to learn and grow without the help of our teachers and staff. We’d thank you guys all for everything, especially my AVID teacher MS. Pritchett (aka Mama P). She’s been my teacher since freshman year and every year the love just grows for her. She’s really a go-to teacher when it comes to any type of problem. This year I had her for fifth period, and we went to B lunch, and almost every day from the start of class to B lunch we would always have an off topic/off curriculum, personal class talk. This is a teacher that keeps a very close a special connection with her students. We really do love you!!”

-Saaniah Hardy, NSOracle.com Teen Health Columnist


Pictured L to R: Oracle staff members past and present: Ashley Pope, Jasmine Potts, Saaniah Hardy, Isabelle Mokotoff, Emily Paleaux, Senam Quartey, The Sandy Springs NSHS Courtyad Turtle, Nelson Cummiskey, Kaitlin Abromoff, Courney Suber, and Danilele Mences.


“Thank you to teachers, especially Mr. Smith for everything you’ve been doing to prepare us for the AP Test, even though we can’t be with you! You’re the best!!!”

-Dani Nicholas, Phalanx Yearbook Editor


Thank you dear teacher…the one and only teacher who truly inspired me. I won’t say her name, but I thank her for teaching me that math is not just something we have to do, but she also taught me how math can be a puzzle that you have to piece together. She taught me to pay attention to the little things she does, and told me if you feel like you don’t understand, ask and I will help you understand.

She is the one and only who taught me how to be great at math; if I haven’t met that teacher I would not be able to be great at math. She told me ask if you don’t understand; school is for the ones who ask and I started doing that. Guess what — I succeeded in every test she gave me. She was proud of me, and that meant the whole world to me because it was hard for other teachers to finally acknowledge me until I took her advice and always asked about the little things. A Puzzle always needs a piece, but you always have to look for the little tiny details to finally complete it.

-Khalil Kefalti, Echo Literary Magazine staff

2019-2020 Yearbook staff: Dani Nicholas, Turner Templeton, Simon Kwon, Lailah Williams, Corey close-Hinton, Steele Bickers, Connie Plumly, Hillary Smith, Sophia Mokotoff, Amaris Frenchman, Ariel Frenchman, Lance Brown, Derek Viersen, Emma Plumly, and sponsor Ms. Zachry.


Thank you to my teachers, especially Ms. Grant for being by my side from the moment I met you. You’ve been like an on-campus mother to me. You’ve seen me laugh, cry, jump for joy, and more and I wanna let you know how much I am grateful for the bond we’ve created over the years. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. G. Smith for bringing me joy when I needed it . You have been  a wonderful teacher to me and others ❤️ I’m grateful to have had many memories, lessons, teachings, and more with you ❤️ Thank you. Thank you Ms. Zachry for everything that you have done not only for me but for the entire senior class ❤️. You have given us so many things to carry with us as we become better and better in our next journey . You will forever and always be appreciated ❤️ XOXO. Thank you Mr. Patterson for bringing me nothing but laughter and jokes when I needed it ❤️ thank you for giving me memories that will forever be in my heart as I enter a new journey , everyone needs someone like you in their life to bring them so much joy like you have done for me ❤️ You are greatly appreciated. Thank you Ms. Lambert for being another mother on campus that I needed ❤️ Meeting you my last year was a blessing and I wouldn’t trade you for any other teacher . You brought so much light into my life and helped me through the tough times I had this year . I’m thankful and so grateful to have had you as my Teacher and being able to have created a beautiful bond with you ❤️Thank you Ms. Green for being a great teacher to me and others ❤️ You were one of many teachers that impacted me throughout year  and you are greatly appreciated . XOXO. Thank you Ms. Watkins for being such a great teacher to me and others ❤️ you are greatly appreciated for everything you have done for me .

❤️ -Najai Downs


This is my shoutout to Ms. Grant & Mr. George Smith. They were both in my third period class world history sophomore year. I would like to give thanks to the both of them . They both knew I was a special individual and that I had many personalities. I was a shy kid who never really let myself out there until I met them . Mr Smith was my father away from home. Ms. Grant was like my older bestfriend . She was there for me cause we had alike traits . She was open with me and I was open with her . Everytime I would break down she knew and she would help me get through it . She always made me laugh on days I couldn’t make myself laugh . Mr Smith was a real school father . He made me feel like I was important and appreciated everything about me . He always asked me if I was ok even after I was no longer in that class no more . I could talk to him about anything . I love both of them . I am thankful for the support and love they gave me .

-Rozalynn Gholston


Echo Literary Magazine and Oracle staff. Top row from L-to-R: Emily Palplaux, Kimbrly Lawson, May Olutou, Nelson Cummiskey, Saaniah Hardy, Ashley Pope, Ivery Gaskins with sponsor Mr Throne. Bottom Nina Schwelm, Isabelle Mokotoff, Jasmine Potts, Khalil Kelfati, Courney Suber. Not pictured: Allie Luna and Raviv Walker

“To all: Teachers have a tremendous impact on the youth. In high school, this is a pivotal time in a student’s life, in terms of career path and mentality. I appreciate how you all are willing to approach this hugely difficult task.”
-Sent by a parent and shared with staff by Mr. Hanson, NSHS Principal
Camryn Watlington and Echo Literary Magazine Editor Nina Schwelm are card-carrying NSHS teacher fans!

***** Thank you to all of our amazing teachers! *****

Top left: Oracle Sports Editor Senam Quartey and Editor-in-Chief Nelson Cummiskey.

Bottom left: NSHS teachers make the team smile!

Top right: Echo staffer Khalil Kelfati and Echo Managing Editor Kimberly Lawson

Middle right: Oracle and Echo combine to say thanks!

Bottom right: The Courtyard Turtle loves NSHS Teachers!

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