Jose Serrano selected as International Diploma Seal Star Student

This year’s International Diploma Seal Star Student, selected by the faculty, is Jose Serrano.

Jose moved to the US in 9th grade from Venezuela and did not speak English.  “He worked hard to learn, and has taken AP classes at North Springs successfully,” says Ms. Ferris, World Language Curriculum Leader. “He plans to study to be a doctor for his next chapter.”

Other teachers attest to the =importance of Jose’s recognition.

Says Ms. Allie, head of the ELL Department: “Jose Eloy Serrano Suarez is one of the most extraordinary students I have ever taught.” He is hard working, fun-loving, creative, kind and just all around awesome! Jose has always enjoyed challenging himself in everything he does which has positively contributed to the success he has had in learning English in a record amount of time and his overall success in high school. There are really no words to accurately express how proud I am of Jose Eloy Serrano Suarez, and I cant wait to see what he will accomplish next! ”

Ms. Diener, HOSA instructor and sponsor, concurs stringly: “Jose is a bright, focused, respectful student who is dedicated to his school and community. He works well with his peers and has a high work ethic. He gives 100% no matter what the situation. I am happy for him to receive this reward.”

“Jose is a constant support system and advocate for his peers,” said Ms. Lambert, Joe’s Senior Literature teacher and former ELA co-chair. “He demonstrates leadership everyday by helping his friends with their work and serving as a role model through his flawless work completion and consistent high standards. Jose single-handedly raises the bar for any class of which he is a part, as he takes his roles as a student and student-leader very seriously. Furthermore, Jose is a survivor – his story is full of obstacles and complexities beyond the comprehension of many, even adults, and he has overcome these with grace and strength.”

Jose and his accomplishments are featured on the Georgia Department of Education website.
  • Course requirements — 8 total credits from the following two categories:
    • World language- at least 3 credits in the same language or ESOL.
    • Other- at least 4 credits in courses with an international focus (full list of approved courses will be on the school website soon).
      • World History, AP English Lit, AP Human Geography, AP Art History, Art History and Criticism 1 and 2, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Sociology, World Lit, Multicultural Lit, Economics (AP Micro and AP Macro), Legal Environment of Business, AP Psychology.
  • Extracurricular activities:
    • At least four extracurricular activities and/or experiences with global themes.
  • Community service:
    • 20 hours of community service involving a global/cross-cultural public service.

The Oracle and NSHS salute Jose for his remarkable accomplishments and this amazing reward!

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