Letters to Seniors: From Señorita Ferris

Señorita Ferris as a senior.

To the class of 2020,

I can’t even imagine what it feels like to be going through what is supposed to be the most exciting time in your life so far and to be told that you can’t have any of the events that are supposed to be the start to the next phase.  I know it seems like you are really being cheated out of what you’ve heard are monumental events.  I want you know that all of those events for me, were much less monumental than I had heard or seen in movies.  What I remember about going through this time in my life are things that you can still do.  I encourage you to hold on to what you CAN do and not what you can’t.  I remember the time I spent with my friends and family, and that is something that you can still do (at least with your family or virtually!), so take advantage of it.  While you may be aggravated by parents or siblings in these close quarters with little breaks from each other, your daily time with them being around will come to an end soon, whether you’re headed off to college or to a job.  Use this time to make some great memories!  I remember celebrating my graduation in much more detail than the actual ceremony (which was super boring!).  Celebrate with your family and once we can have gatherings, have a big graduation party with friends and family.  I remember my prom, but what I really remember is how it wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it would be.  I encourage you all to have a “prom” with your friends this summer (when we can).  Get dressed up, go to dinner, and have fun with your friends…this is what you would remember and enjoy from prom anyway!  

When you are old like me, you will look back on this is being the class of the quarantine, and you’ll have amazing stories of how you did things differently than anyone else ever has!  I can’t wait to see what you all do with your next step!

Ms. Ferris

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