Letters to Seniors: From Ms. Kaminsky

From our series of letters to our seniors from various NSHS Faculty.

Dear North Springs Class of 2020,

It has truly been an honor and a privilege to teach so many of you over the past four years.  You are a group of bright, kindhearted, and passionate young women and men.  You have supported each other through successes and challenges, yet each of you has maintained your individuality throughout. 

High school is about self-discovery, and I hope you leave North Springs knowing that your imprint on the school community has been both positive and immeasurable.  You are so much more than the 9/11 babies and coronavirus graduates.  You are exceptional students, gifted athletes, talented thespians, and overwhelmingly good people.  As a class, you have been more committed to community service and improving the lives of others than any class in my 20-year career.  You are warmhearted, compassionate, and funny.  You recognize the work to be done in the world beyond the classroom and leave here ready to tackle the difficulties ahead.  Although the past four years have certainly been challenging for me (especially in AP Government!), your commitment to improving the world inspired me on a daily basis.    

Thank you for giving me your best and allowing me to be a part of your journey.  I wish you every success in your next chapter, and I look forward seeing you when your return for a visit.  Stay safe and healthy Spartans!

Much love,

Gwen Kaminsky

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