Letters to Seniors: From Mrs. Olson

Mrs. Olson as a senior.

April 13, 2020  (The Monday after the Spring Break 2020, you never had)

Dear Class of 2020,

So you guys sure have a bunch to complain about even before the onset of Covid-19.  First, if you went to SSCMS, some of you got trapped in the middle school during SNOWPOCOLYPSE.  Ouch.  I have nightmares of having to teach in a middle school & I would be getting paid…but to be stuck on snow days at a middle school.  That would be as bad as making me drink Diet Pepsi & watch a 24 hour marathon of Cailliou.  Then, you get to high school & all is fine & dandy your freshman year.  It’s okay if you get short changed.  Freshman are supposed to get the scraps on the food chain of high school existence.  Then your sophomore year comes around….Benschine has left you midyear & then,  what is up with this enabling, spoiled, coddling NSCHS Freshman Academy.  Let’s be real, you are the last class left that weren’t part of the Freshman Academy at all.  It didn’t exist.  Classes of 2021 & 2022 can complain that they didn’t get the ice cream party or all they got was a biscuit for good grades…how come they didn’t get to go to 6 Flags or  Stars&Strikes?!!?  But your class didn’t get any of that stuff.  No biscuits, ice cream, college field trip, 6 Flags, or Stars&Strikes.  Now, with Covid-19, you don’t get your spring sports, prom, Senior Week or Olympics, or graduation.  What did the Class of 2020 ever due to the universe????!!!

The thing is your class is the only class left that could truly handle this.  You’ve been handling these      setbacks for a many a year in your educational journey.  Despite a terrifying SNOWPOCOLYPSE or the lack of the safety net of the Freshman Academy, look what you have accomplished!!!!   It’s like you are the last class that can say that you used to walk 10 miles in the snow, uphill to get to school.  You will forever be bonded with your NS Spartan classmates in a way in which no other graduating class in the history of North Springs has been.  Your experience is unlike any other.  For that, you will be tied to your graduating class & you guys didn’t even have a graduation!  Your reunions will mean more.    This might be the “Karen” in me, because I may be old, but I am not a “Boomer”….okay Boomer…I digress…but your ability to smile and move forward in the face of this immense disappointment is what will be part of even further solidifying the foundation of your life that will sustain you throughout your life.   In the words of one of my faves (not Jesus…he is my fave, but a close second), Albus Dumbledore, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”.  Your class knows how to turn on the light and you will be able to share this lesson to help so many throughout your life.   

Please know that I truly am sorry for all your will miss, but let me thank you in advance, for turning on the light for so many as they go through their dark times.  

XO & God Bless you, Class of 2020!

Mrs. Olson

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