Letters to Seniors: From The Throne Zone

Dear class of 2020,

Every few years, there’s a group of students that stands out for its own unique reasons. Some are about academics, but many are about dynamics, creativity, and personality. I had the pleasure of teaching many of you last year, and think I have more fun moments and stories to share about you than can be told.

To me, you all were an anomaly; an amazing anomaly: A song-and-dance routine of three thespians in the midst of a stressful AP Lang review. Pleas for just 5 more afterschool points written as persuasive arguments. The tens upon tens of rewritten Laws of Life Essays (I bet you’re really tired of hearing “LOL”). The groans about forgotten current events assignments. The attempts to appeal to pathos by making your projects about superheroes. The explosive mass reaction to Abigale’s accusations in the courtroom scene in The Crucible and the new phrases I learned from from it. The impromptu lightsaber battles. The bad jokes you suffered through. Bad sci fi and holiday parties with Anime and Sci Fi. The Oracle and Echo successes and the List of Poetic Fail. The deeper talks we had about reality and what really matters. The lessons you learned about effort and really listening to feedback. The lessons I learned from each and every one of you. And, last but not least, the amazing talent you display in your vivid poetry, stories, cartoons, dance, photos, art, theater, and rich personalities. I won’t mention the time one of you got attacked by an orange peel on the floor, but there are witnesses and you know who you are.

Along with everyone else, I’ll be watching you (and my nephew at …that other school) graduate from afar. We were robbed of the chance to say a real goodbye and send you off the way you really deserved. You are facing an unknown unlike any other graduating class. You all deserve so much more. But I know that you are the people that will dream up a way to get through it, challenge it, conquer it. You have the spirit, imagination, and heart.

Keep writing, drawing, acting, singing, laughing, creating, living, dreaming.

Live Long and Prosper. May the Force Be with You. Never give up, Never surrender. Nanu, Nanu. (Look it up).

Mr. Throne aka Thanos


“Thronos” photo by Dejha White

c. 2020 Marvel Studios

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