Letters to Seniors: From Dr. Johnson

To the Visionary Class of 2020!!

Five years from now you would have graduated from college, some of you may be in the military, some may even be almost married!
The decisions you make now will impact you in a great way so instead of focusing on this pandemic let’s look forward to a “Brighter” day! All we have is time and time is what matters most, live each day to its fullest and memories with the ones you hold close…

Continue to work hard and do your very best, when you leave the walls of SPARTA– all of your knowledge and skills will be put to the test.
Stop and smell the roses of this life’s journey along the way, appreciate the little things- they will make you look back and smile one day.

Your friends that you’ve established, those relationships really matter. For in the next 5 years you’ll look back… with stories and lots of chatter, about the high school years and your experiences- highs and lows- all of the things that have helped shape you as you have developed, learned and continue to grow.

Your teachers, administrators and counselors are SO Very Proud of you. We have seen you blossom and develop and expect the best from you too!
So regardless of the state of the society and the world in which we live, know that Your future is bright, and you truly are a gem!

Just like a diamond shines, let this define you as Gold- tried in the fire but you come out better than before

With this class of 2020, I leave these words for you….5 years from now…. Where and what are you going to be doing?

Continue to forge ahead – yet live and bask in the present- but plan for your memory of reflection as you look back on this pandemic.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to all your future holds! Class of 2020– Vison Clearer than ever You have a Great Story that is yet to be told!

Congratulations Graduates!!

Wishing you All the best that your future brings, I am so very proud of each and every one of you!!

Good luck Class of 2020! I’m so proud of y’all and wish you the absolute best! 

❤️ Your Counselor, Dr. Genoulia H. Johnson

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