Letters to Seniors: From Ms. Shabazz

The first in a series of letters to our seniors from various NSHS Faculty.

Ms. Shabazz, when she was your age!

by Mrs. Shabazz

Class of 2020 you hold a special place in my heart.

I joined the North Springs family January 2019 and we all know what the first day of school is like 2nd semester, so imagine being a new counselor at a high school for the first time.

I did not get a chance to bond with the Class of 2019 in those short five months, and I promised myself Class of 2020 would be different, and it was. I got a chance to meet all 115 of you and build lasting relationships with many of you.

I am hurt I will not get the chance to see your smiling faces as I call your names to walk across the stage, and receive your diploma. I am honored I had the chance to be your School Counselor! I am always here for you never be afraid to reach out❤️

Wishing you success and peace of mind,

Mrs. Shabazz

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