Students can win big in second virtual PROS raffle

School may be virtual, but some traditions never go away!

by NSOracle staff

Students can use their Sparta Bucks to win big in Friday’s PROS raffle. The drawing will be held on May 8th.

The North Springs PBIS committee, which sponsors the raffle, is offering twelve $15 virtual gift cards to an online store of choice. The gift cards were generously donated by teachers and staff.

In the last raffle, $15 virtual gift certificates were awarded to five lucky recipients, out of over 500 entries.

Teachers are still awarding Sparta bucks for various levels of participation, good deeds, and trivia. Spartabucks, which students can use to redeem for school supplies, teacher rewards, and even homework passes, may also be used to purchase the raffle tickets.

Students can check their PBIS accounts via the app for their Spartabucks amounts, and ask teachers to purchase the tickets for them. Tickets “cost” 5 Sparta dollars each, and there is no limit to how many can be purchased., the organization that hosts the virtual rewards program informed the North Springs PBIS committee that due to the extenuating circumstances for this year, students will be able to to roll their Sparta Bucks over until next year. Last year, physical rewards included Beats headphones, Yearbooks, and coveted parking spaces, so students who wish to retain their dollars and wait until they return to school may do so.

Until that happens, if you have Sparta buck tickets to spare, let your teachers know. A $15 Netflix gift card is something that can go a long way right now!

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