How To Keep Yourself From Going Crazy

By: Nelson Cummiskey

During this strange time of lockdown and isolation from society, it is more difficult than usual to keep a sound mind. People are reliant on social interaction to keep their heads on straight and a pandemic can be rather detrimental on one’s regular social outings. The fact that simply being within six feet from someone can give you a potentially deadly virus is enough to give the most generous person some serious trust issues. Hope is not lost, however. This time of social isolation can be beneficial in ways that once the day when we are freed from our homely prisons comes, we’ll be better off than when we were exiled to them. 

One way to pass the time productively is to start getting in shape. There are really two options in quarantine, get fit or get fat. I myself am guilty of being quite idle for the first few days of doing absolutely nothing in my home. Realizing this whole lockdown thing could go on many many many months, I decided not to sit around and get cheeky. You could simply go for a walk every day, staying six feet apart from everyone of course, to keep you muscles from atrophying. Any kind of dynamic movement during the day for 10 minutes can be extremely helpful to physical and mental health. 

Another thing to do during quarantine is pick up a new hobby. Everyone has something that they haver wanted to be able to do. Play the guitar, learn piano, juggle, etc. Well, now there are no excuses. We have nothing but time on our hands these days so get after it. You can work on anything in the comfort of your own home and without fear of embarrassing yourself in public. There is no reason that if we are spared of this Biblical plague, we shouldn’t come out of quarantine better than we went in. 

The COVID-19 virus is really just the worst. If you get it, then it sucks, if you don’t get it, it still kind of sucks because you have to stay inside all day and not see any friends or family for an indefinite amount of time. But, we can still use this time to our advantage, almost as if time is standing still and we have a chance to work on our lives and resume better than before when this virus goes away.

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