Cummiskey’s Corner: Who are you isolating for?

Column by: Nelson Cummiskey

Artwork by: Nicky Croom

            Today’s world seems like something out of a movie. There is a global pandemic and we’re not allowed to leave our houses as not to spread the disease any further. It almost seems like a ridiculous measure to stop an illness that to many seems like a common flu and to others presents no symptoms at all. The COVID-19 virus can present differently to everyone. This does not mean that if you are asymptomatic that you are free to mingle around the world sharing bodily fluids and your breath with everyone you meet. You too need to stay home for a while, there are no free passes to certain people to get out of quarantine.

            Many kids and young adults seem to think that they are allowed to go to the beach or vacations somewhere else now because travel prices are so low in the face of this global pandemic. That is a very backwards idea that has probably gotten lots of people killed. Even if you have mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all, you can still transmit the virus from place to place. It’s like pollination, you get a little on you and then everything and everyone you touch gets some of that “pollen” on it.

            While I am a healthy teenager and I am not concerned for my personal health, I am concerned for my grandparents’ health, and my parent’s health, and the rest of my family’s health who aren’t healthy teenagers. It is a bit selfish to think that because the virus doesn’t kill you then you are free to go around the world and spread it to whoever touches the door handle after you.

            We indeed are all in this together. Our individual decisions can affect everyone in our population, starting with the old, young, and compromised people who we should be looking after the most and not throwing to the wolves. For this reason, I challenge whoever is reading this to think of someone in their lives that would be seriously affected by the Coronavirus, and to stay home for them.

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