Boredom has benefits

by: Khalil Kefalti

Art by: Gustavo Bienetti Vieria, Lindsey Powell, Nate Broward, and Nicly Croom


School, yes the place where you make friends.

Every student wakes up in the morning tired of it, but we all had that problem.

“It’s how society works,” I say to myself, and that kept me going.

Aside from those problems, I now think about how our everyday lives did change in a heartbeat.

When I think about it, it just hurts to see that no one can go outside and really enjoy life the way it was ever again.

Friends and I at first liked it because they were tired of school, but one month went by and everyone was bored.

It’s human nature, but we should not get bored

because there is a life waiting for us at the other side.

We are going to overcome it and everyone will be able to go back to their normal lives again.

You might miss people you love because without trial and error; society can’t move on again.

I believe this is a good thing for earth to rest and be free from pollution, ‘

and for it to restore its old way of nature without human hands ruining it

for the generations to come.

You Might be bored

but staying home also has a role

in helping to save the Earth

without us even

realizing it.

Boredom has benefits.

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