Compiled by: Isabelle Mokotoff

The Oracle staff knows that our Spartans are probably bored and in need of culinary, physical, cultural, or intellectual stimuli during this time of self-isolation. Although I cannot speak to the male or non-binary experience, as someone who identifies as female, I have found these workouts to be quick and surprisingly effective (if you want learn about male exercises, read Nelson Cummiskey’s “HOW TO KEEP YOURSELF FROM GOING CRAZY” Article). So, I took the liberty to create a list of activities that you can do while safely isolated! This week’s edition: exercise classes (courtesy of the lovely and talented Chloe Ting, a health and wellness instructor on YouTube). Click on the text below any picture to view each specific workout.

Standing Full Ab Workout

Toned Arms Workout With No Equipment

Sitting Lower Ab Workout

Tone Your Legs And Glutes

Cool Down Stretches For Recovery & Flexibility

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