Big Win for Bacallao

Congratulations to Mr. Aldo Bacallao on his National Champion win for “Best Teacher Video” for “Teachers Acting Like Students” at the Student Television Netork (STN) Film & Broadcast Excellence Awards show. The show, which was to be hosted at the Student Television Network Convention in Washington DC prior to the school closures and city shutdowns,was eventually conducted online via live web broadcast.

Look for the win and a shortened version of the award-winning video at the 33:44 mark!

As Mr. Bacallao tells it, “The last week we were at school, I took 16 kids to a national competition called Student Television Network Convention in Washington DC. We have kids from all over the US including Hawaii. Also guys from Russia come. Before the convention even started, the mayor of DC declared a state of emergency and shut down the city. So they cancelled the convention and we were lucky to get on a flight the next day. They ended up having an awards ceremony online with no one.”

“At first Southwest said we couldn’t change the tickets. This was Wednesday and our flight out was for Sunday. I told the lady I couldn’t be stuck here with a bunch of high school kids with nothing to do for five days! She said, ” Sorry, but there’s nothing I can do for you.” About twenty minutes later, she called back and said she can get us out on a 6 AM flight tomorrow. I said. “I’ll take it!” By Friday I was at NS learning about TEAMS [during teacher workday training].”

Congrats again, Mr. Bacallao, and to all of the A/V students and staff who helped make this fun, award winning video!

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