by Nelson Cummiskey

Prior to the school closures and social distancing, the Oracle staff was working diligently on a set of articles. One of the articles that went unpublished at the time is this piece by Nelson Cummiskey, which reminds us what life was like when we weren’t socially distancing. We are presenting the article unmodified and as intended.

Each year, the graduating class at North Springs gets an opportunity to leave their mark on the school in the form of artistic expression. This year, Lindy Feintuch and Virginia Fuss created a mural together, and it is shaping up to be a beautiful masterpiece. Their hard work and dedication throughout this semester has been stellar. Although the technology that they need to complete this process has been unreliable at times, they have persevered through it.

Lindy and Virginia are both Seniors in the school’s Talented and Gifted program at North Springs. They both are in the directed study program where they can choose their own project for a semester and complete it with check-ins along the way. Their project this semester was to paint the Class of 2020 Mural. They felt that this was a good opportunity for them to practice their artwork, problem-solve, and learn time management skills to the best of their ability. They also felt pride in their class that motivated them to make the best mural yet. 

The mural consists of a piece of pop art, meaning that it is a timeless representation of the graduating class. As future generations of Spartans pass through the halls of our school (once its re-opens), they will look at our mural and get a feeling for what our time was like. It is our legacy and our way of living on at the school. 

Unfortunately, work has stopped on the mural for the time being due to the COVID-19 outbreak; however, the class of 2020 does not consist of quitters. The mural will be done, it will be fantastic, and it will be hung in the school for all to see. 

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