A Message Before Spring Break from Mrs. Trotter Clark and Ms. Zachry

Words by Mrs. Heather Trotter Clark, NSHS Math Deparment

Photos of Ms. Zachry’s kids by Molly Hensley Photography, courtesy of . Kristie Zachry, NSHS Media Center

A jersey that is hung Outside the front door

Marks all of the goalsWe never got  to score

All of the empty theaters

With their curtains now drawn

This year they held their applause

But the ghost light burns on

The classrooms are now bare

Abandoned with short notice

Where we used to learn

ScienceElectricity, chemistry and mitosis

There used to be tutoring sessions

Held in room D209

We learned Geometry and Pre Cal

And did all the homework assigned
Students used to sit in classrooms

Reading aloud from Shakespeare

And there was a place you could go

For help with College and Careers
Now the students of North Springs

Are learning in new ways

We can no longer enter the halls

Because at home we must stay
We log onto our TEAMS

And see our teachers’ smiling face

They are under tremendous pressure

But teaching with humour and grace
We know they are under stress

But they present with a serene calm

And when the students don’t show up

They will still call your mom
They will still write letters of reference

And help you compose a manuscript

They will assist in writing resumes

And, to college, will send your transcript
The teaches are still teaching History

And all about the suffragettes

All the while making sure that

You have sufficient internet
Social Studies teachers are helping

You learn of countries on the equator

And math teachers are frantically

Trying to get you a calculator
What I am trying to say dear students

That I know it is stressful and rough

My words of reassurance

Sometimes just aren’t enough
But I wanted to let you know

The teachers, admin and staff

Are all here for you dear students

For a good cry or a hearty laugh
We are here to educate you, of course

But we are here for so much more

We are here for just about anything

That you could possibly ask for
Do you  need a place to cry?

Or your anxieties to discuss?Please do not hesitate

To reach out to any of us
Do you need a safe place to vent?
Or some courage just to get through

Please know my dear Spartans

That we are here for you
We are here for you Spartans! 

Do not hesitate to reach out to any of us.

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