Echo Presents: Another Little Poem: My Corona Story

North Springs’ wonderful PreCal and AP Statistics teacher, Mrs. Heather Trotter-Clark, writes poems that accompany her monthly data breakdowns in emails that she sends to staff. Until now, she could not be persuaded to share her work with the general public. Today, she relented. Echo proudly presents Ms. Trotter-Clark’s work, reflecting on her experience with the 2020 Corona outbreak.

By: Mrs. Heather Trotter Clark


Here is another little poem

But it’s nothing too formal

About a tiny little virus

And living our new normal


 It’s about me, going shopping

Trying to diversify my calories

And sneezing into my kleenex

“No, wait! I swear! It is just allergies!”


It’s about new feelings of rage

Walking the toilet paper aisle

“Why are people still hoarding”

 But trying to keep calm, all the while


I could write an entire poem

About the frustration this brings

But instead, I choose to focus

On the most beautiful things


Like those times I am forced

To dress and take a shower

Because I know that I am about

To join the virtual social hour


Or the tremendously hard job

The custodians at North Springs

Stepped up to help us all

They should be considered queens and kings


I miss seeing my children’s faces

And engaging in banters of wit

I am limited to only the profiles

That Teams and Zoom will permit


I talk to them a few times a week

Some think my online class is a game

But I know some of them are listening

It’s just that a video chat isn’t the same


I try and stay the most positive

While trying to make the curve flatter

But I get down on myself sometimes

And I think “Does this even matter?”


Trust me my dear Spartans

What you are doing is changing lives

One day we’ll be back in the hallways

Doing dances and giving high fives


We are certainly reaching a lot of kids

Now I don’t know what they’re doing in Cobb

But I am so proud to be a SPARTAN!

We are doing one hell of a good job

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