Treating Animals With Care

by Emily Papleux

By: Emily Papleux

Prior to the school closures and social distancing, the Oracle staff was working diligently on a set of articles. One of the articles that went unpublished at the time is this piece by Emily Papleux, which gives a perspective of the relationship of man versus nature through the lens of how humans treat animals. We are presenting the article unmodified and as intended.

Many people perceive the human race as superior above all other animals in the food chain. By their metrics, because humans are superior, it is alright to cage and slaughter animals for means of entertainment and food. We cut down their trees, butcher their mothers, and squash them because of their annoying presence. Many of precious animals were here long before us. They have a right to live on this planet just as much as we do. Even more, as many have made this beautiful planet their home before we have.

Cockroaches. Spiders. Bees. We see these animals and we kill them, for no apparent reason. We are disgusted, or we don’t like the way it looks, so we decide to end its life. This is barbaric and harmful to our planet and the environment, yet we do it anyway. If a dog was killed, we would cry and feel bad, yet we do the deed ourselves almost every day. Every life matters, no matter how small. When I was younger, I was scared and terrified of bees. Now, if I see a bumble bee, I pet its soft and fuzzy fur with a smile. House spiders and cockroaches mostly do not sting or do us any harm. Spiders do more good than bad. They eat and catch mosquitoes and flies that have entered your home filled with disease. Cockroaches chump down dead plants and animals. They also nourish growing plants and are professional recyclers.

Slaughterhouses are unsanitary and inhumane. If the human race eliminated each other at the same rate we eliminate cows and pigs for food, the human population would be completely extinct in only one week. Even fishing hurts our environment. Even if you place the fish back without killing it, just imagine how it would feel if someone thrusted a big metal hook into the roof of your mouth. Though not killing the innocent creature, we are still causing tremendous amounts of pain to every living thing around us. We cut down trees for the government and the use of more space for the growing population of the human race. The deforestation of these precious areas contribute to climate change by giving off greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Recent studies show that tress have heartbeats. It is important to acknowledge the fact that plants are living things too.

 The extra six seconds you spend to safely put it outside is preventing a live being lost. We must not destroy the animals that habituate near us, but to learn to live beside and with them. But how do you get them back to their home? One strategy is the glass and paper strategy. You place the glass on top of the insect, then slide a paper underneath it. Then, you carry it outside. You can also do this method with paper plates. Online, there are tools used to sweep up uninvited guests that can easily be removed from your home. 

Killing creatures is barbaric and cruel. We are part of nature and should learn to live in peace and harmony with others. We are already destroying habitats and industrializing most parts of the world. The least we can do is make an effort and be careful of your surroundings.

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