North Springs and Fulton Schools switch to Digital after School Closings

Fulton County Schools was among the first to report a case of coronavirus. The county underwent a two day shut down of all schools and a two week quarantine of the affected school cluster.

The staff of NSOracle shares its thoughts and wishes for good health with the families of those affected at this time.

At this time our site is dedicated to bringing you the statements as reported by the county. Readers can view these statements at:

Fulton county schools staff converted quickly to a digital learning platform; North Springs roll this out on Monday with English language arts meeting the first set of classes to teach. Other subjects will be taught virtually each day.

Today is the first virtual check-in of the Oracle staff with its sponsor, Mr. Throne. We will post a statement later about our continuing mission. For now we will continue to work on and post the articles that were in process before the shut down, as well as post general info from the county. We will also remain in contact with the Georgia scholastic press association as the situation develops across the state. We wish the staff of GSPA good health as it forges through uncharted territories.

Follow us on Twitter and look for updates. Be well!

-The Oracle Staff

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