2020 Spring Sports!

By: Senam Quartey

North Springs’ 2020 spring sports are in full swing! Our Spartans are partaking in a wide variety of athletic activities, but this article hones in solely on soccer, track and field, and baseball. The North Springs student is buzzing with excitement as we wait to see what our athletes will accomplish this season.

Before diving into what spring sports to which we should be looking forward, I want to touch upon the recent developments in the winter sport of boys basketball. The boy’s basketball season has ended in a disappointing fashion. The Varsity boys season ended win-less and the team went 0-18. When asked about the season, sophomore Jaden Harris said that “this season was a learning experience for the team”. This statement reflects a mature standpoint; the team shouldn’t be too hard on themselves, especially considering that, on average, the team was very young. In fact, they only had three seniors on the roster! Jaden also used three words to describe this season: “better next year”. The young guys on this team on determined and hungry for future victories.

 As the basketball season came to an end the soccer season starts up, I’ve noticed that both the boys and girls soccer teams are off to great starts. I talked with senior Cory Howlett and he had this to say about the season so far: “We are pretty good. We won our first game 4-0 and our goal is to get to state. Right now, I believe that is possible if we support each other and communicate and lift each other up”. The girls’ soccer team won their first game 10-0. Yes, they are that good. I spoke to team captain Cierra Loftin and she had this to say; “I feel like this season our team will perform well because the team meshes very well together. As team captain, I can help the team by staying in the right mental state to lead and improve. If there are three words I can use to describe this year’s team they would be dedicated, outgoing, and cool.” Yes, you heard it here first the girls’ soccer team is cool and we are here for it.

Girls Soccer captain Cierra Loftin in action.

Spartan lacrosse has started and the team is beyond ready. These young men are intense and hyper-focused. I interviewed four seniors, Nelson Cummiskey, Arian Raesghasem, Amir Akinloye, and, Christian Holloway, and they all reiterated their strong desire to win games. Since this sport has no playoff in our state, the team is just looking to break their own record for wins set last year by last year’s team.

The boys and girls track programs are taking off as well Girls track has already placed first overall in a meet they had at Etowah. The boys are participating at the Langston Hughes invitation and they are ready to take home some medals as well.

Last year’s 4×100 relay boys team.

This semester, our Spartans have sports fever! Good luck athletes and goooooooo SPARTANS!!

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