Women’s Lit, Dramatic Writing, & more, oh my!

With the start of block schedule next year, a variety of potential electives may be in the offering.

North Springs already offers a variety of electives in the arts, sports, music, and even core curriculum. Electives allow students the opportunities to try new things and expand their skills in a variety of ways. Some courses allow magnet credit, some are for upper class members. In a recent homeroom, students were asked to suggest ideas for potential electives. The school and teachers have been listening, and while there are no guarantees, the Oracle is excited about the possibilities that block schedule may bring next year or in the near future!

The courses listed below are potential courses that will depend upon enrollment. If you have an interest, please contact the instructors.

Dramatic Writing: For More information, see Mr. Zand and Mr. King.

Women’s Literature: For more information, see Ms. Vo.

The Oracle will post information here as it becomes available. Know of potential new course offering? Let nshighpublications@gmail.com know.

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