North Springs’ Students Rock ThesCon

  1. Scholarship Winners – Josh Sparks and Genevieve Cortez;
  2. STOs – Genevieve Cortez & Katie Griffin
  3. Superiors – Josh Sparks, Elaine Berger, Moira Poh, Elena Dollinger
  4. Tech Team- Ella Cyr, Austen Thomas, Genevieve Cortez, Matthew Szabo
  5. ThesCon 2020 Group

North Springs’ Thespian Troupe #4389 traveled to Columbus GA this weekend for ThesCon, the Statewide International Thespian Honor Society convention. Aside from having the opportunity to take workshops, see shows, and meet with college reps, our students competed in performance, technical, and scholarship competitions. They represented North Springs very well.


Competing against the best and brightest from all across Georgia, Josh Sparks and Genevieve Cortez both brought home $2000 college scholarship.

Josh won the Dwight Gilstrap Technical Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to the Thespian who proves himself/herself through the portfolio and interview to be dedicated to the field of technical theatre through outstanding work and understanding of the technical areas.

Genevieve won the Pam Ware Leadership Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to the Thespian who best illustrates through the troupe resume and interview outstanding leadership to his/her troupe, school, state, and/or community by putting into action the dedication to excellence and the drive to succeed so lovingly and professionally modeled by legendary director, Pam Ware.

Tech Challenge

Our tech Challenge Team of Genevieve Cortez (Captain), Ella Cyr, Austin Thomas, and Matthew Szabo placed 2nd out of a field of 22 schools and brought home a nice big trophy! In the tech challenge teams compete in team events (leg a platform, drop fold, and props shift) and individual events (light hang and focus, costume quick change, and knot tying) displaying not only speed but correct and safe procedure. Our team placed 2nd without winning any of the events outright, which is doubly impressive as it shows the absolute mastery of these challenges by the whole team. A big thank you to Mr. King for working with and preparing our students.

IEs (Individual Events)

IEs are an adjudicated competition for performance and technical skills. Participants rated as superior are allowed to go the nationwide International Thespian Convention and the best of the superior rated IEs perform or are showcased in the closing ceremony of ThesCon.

Elena Dollinger and Moira Poh received a superior for their duet ‘Disneyland from the show Smile; Josh Sparks received a superior for his stage management of our production of ALiCE; and Elaine Berger received a superior for stage management AND received a superior for her sound design of our student directed production of Gruesome Playground Injuries. Elaine’s sound design was chosen for the ThesCon showcase as the best in her category.

Alma Kent (Acting), Matthew Szabo (Set Design), Jake Skiba (Lighting Design), Katie Griffin (Set Design), Elaine Berger (Musical Solo Performance), and our Group Musical Performance (Hanna Quillen, Genevieve Cortez, Elaine Berger, Madeleine Rosenberg, Mila Burbato, Sailyn Barlow, Rachel Hertz, Annalise Hardy, Elena Dollinger, Moira Poh, Alma Kent, Lance Brown, Kai Winborne, Thomas Boswinkle, Jordan Duffy, & Matthew Szabo) all received excellent marks, with many of them a mere point or two away from a superior rating.

College Auditions

Sailyn Barlow, Thomas Boswikle, Genevieve Cortez, & Kai Winborne, auditioned for over 30 universities and received a total of 47 callbacks (recruitment interviews)!

STO- State Thespian Officer

Genevieve Cortez finished up her term as STO and Katie Griffin started her term STO. Each year there are only 9 students chosen for this honor out of the 25,000+ Thespian members across our state. Thanks Genevieve for being North Springs first ever STO and congratulations to Katie for continuing this awesome achievement.

Honor Troupe Status

Our troupe (#4389) was honored as a Gold Honor Troupe (the highest level) for their performance, troupe, and community service during the 2018-2019 school year.

Overall, our students just really rocked it out and represented North Springs as a place of excellence and mastery. I could not be prouder of them. Please join me in congratulating these students for their achievements. The amount of work they put in to get these kinds of results demonstrates what North Springs is all about and they deserve our recognition.

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