Student Spotlight: Spartan Volleyball

By: Ashley Pope

Volleyball is a sport that takes time and skill to learn. Girls who play on the team have built bonds over the years and gain an amazing feeling of teamwork. Two of our varsity players, Juniors Khari Morrow and Sydni Sikes, were honored to play in the regionals this year. Both girls exhibit amazing abilities and attitudes on and off the court. 

Khari plays Outside has attended North Springs since freshman year. She is a dedicated student and participates in many programs such as company dance, HOSA and club volleyball. Khari maintains a high GPA while participating in her extra curricular activities. She thanks her coaches for being there every step of the way. 

Sydni has been a Spartan since her freshman year. She is very outspoken and has a colorful personality. This year she is officially a varsity player for the North Springs High School Volleyball Team, where she pays middle. Her love for volleyball is almost as strong as her love for her friends. During her freshman year she played on junior varsity. As she got better, towards the end of the season of her sophomore year, she got the chance to play varsity.

Learn about these stellar Spartans in their own words, in the link below.

Spartan Middle: Sydney Sykes
Spartan Outside: Khari Morrow

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