Pros and Cons of Having a Job in High School

By: Ashley Pope

 Today, it is very common for high schoolers to have a part-time job. Freshman are less likely to pursue a job, because it would be difficult to balance grades and the time and responsibilities of a new job. For upperclassmen and sophomores, having a job would be less complicated for them because they have already have at least one year of high school under their belt and they are acclimated to their roles in high school. Students desire a job mostly for economic benefits, but there are also some factors that affect them in a negative way.

        Earning money, meeting new people, and getting out of a school environment are some of the pros of getting a job in high school. A steady cash flow can help a student feel less dependent on their parents. One of our staff alumni, Jasmine Potts, was hired at Chick-Fil-A last summer. She says, that two factors, “The pay level and early dismissal from school are what I enjoy most about the job”. Another student, Gillian Childs treasured different aspects of having a job in high school. Gillian states, “I enjoy the responsibility and being able to not have an adult breathe over my shoulder”. Gillian is a junior in high school and she expresses that having a job is a great way to keep moving and staying out of trouble.  

         Pursing a job in high school gives students a variety of benefits. Depending on where you work, different benefits can be offered to a student. The benefits not only help the students, but also the parents because there is less financial stress on the whole household. In a recent interview with a sophomore, Cameron Young, he stated, “The money helps with the extra expenses around the house”. Cameron lives in a one-parent household and his source of income helps lessen his parent’s workload”.

          In conclusion, having a job in high school can be very stressful and can make you grow up faster. You’ll look at things differently and think of the consequences of your actions, especially in terms of your spending. Most students love the new-found responsibilities. Once they get older and pursue a full-time job, they’ll understand they had it easy as a child.

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