Senam’s Return To Oracle

By: Senam Quartey

Senam back in the Oracle classroom happy as ever.

Coming into the 2019-2020 school year senior, Senam Quartey was ecstatic to be second-year student in Oracle. Yet, his dreams were halted halfway through first semester because of a misstep in Senam’s required graduation credits. These missteps forced Senam to withdraw from Oracle which hindered his ability to write articles for the publication. Unfortunately, Senam strayed from his Oracle family.

 The 2020 semester was a new beginning for Senam. A week into the 2020 semester, Senam was called in by his counselor to discuss the classes he would need this semester. Surprisingly, there was an open first period slot in Senam’s schedule, so he instantly thought, “This is my chance to get back to Oracle!”. Senam took this opportunity without hesitation and has officially returned to Oracle as of Monday January 13th. The prodigal son of Oracle has been welcomed back with open arms by his instructor and other members of the Oracle staff.

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