Freshmen Field Trip

By: Courtney Suber

The Freshmen Academy at NSCHS allowed for students to explore their options and visit the college of their choice on October 30, 2019. Our Spartans were given the opportunity to talk to college students, observe campus life, and begin steps into their own college journey.

Freshman Sydney Kerber was able to visit SCAD and says that her favorite part of the visit was the way that everything is set up: “Because the art displays are made by alumni and faculty, it’s clear how well the students are taught”.

Gavin Friedman visited UGA and said his favorite part was speaking to people who give scholarship. He says that now he’ll know what to do to appeal to UGA, and that there is lots of green space and a beautiful campus.

Carson Wolff visited Georgia Tech and says that his favorite part was the cafeteria.

The NSCHS college visits were sure to make students aware of their future and give them an idea of where they’d potentially like to attend.

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