Positive Mindsets

By: Emily Papleux

School has most of its students stressed and hot tempered. This, of course, is not the ideal attitude for a working environment in which you spend approximately 15% of your lifetime. Instead of having this negativity, we should all take baby steps into a more comfortable and work-effective attitude — a positive mindset. What is a positive mindset? A positive mindset is a state of mind in which we all replace our negative feelings and thoughts with positive ones.

Having a positive mindset has many benefits. Aside from improving your social capabilities, having this mindset reduces chances of depression and high levels of stress, and can even help you build coping skills. It also affects your efficiency in the work area and can improve your grades and outlook.

Now that we’ve talked about what a positive mindset is, and how it can benefit you, here are ways to gain a positive mindset:

  • Organization. Taking a step back from a situation and analyzing the best way to approach it is a helpful skill that will help you gain a positive outlook.
  • Look on the bright side. Even if you failed a test and feel like you want to cry, think of all the opportunities you must make it up, and you can learn from your past mistakes.
  • Be accepting. Accepting that not everything is going to go your way is one of the most important steps. This allows you to expect not everything to be perfect, thus having more time to figure out a solution.

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