Alice Comes To North Springs!

By: Courtney Suber

North Springs High School’s Theater Department recently jumped down the rabbit hole with a performance of the play AliCE for several shows in the auditorium in October. ALiCE featured the concept of Alice in Wonderland with a poetic spin, and a storyteller that helps the story progress. ALiCE’s somber tone was evened out by comedy and a somewhat happy ending. The play was directed by North Springs Theater Instructor Tyler Owens.

The 40-minute presentation was also presented as a competition piece on Saturday, October 26th for the Georgia Theater Conference, where North Springs’ Thespian Society’s Troupe #4389 won in the Region 1-Act Competition. The completion saw Senior Jordan Duffy grinning like a Cheshire Cat for Best Actor and All –Star Cast member jabberwalked its way to Senior Kai Winborne. In addition, the North Springs Theater Technical crew won for All-star Tech for working their exceptional magic. I was fortunate to see the play as part of my theater class. It proved completely different than what I expected from all the versions I have known before.

To give our readers a quick taste into ALiCE’s plot set up and the theatre department’s entertaining stylistic choices: the play is led by a narrator that takes us through Alice’s time in wonderland. This includes her time in the court, her time’s drinking the drinks that makes her bigger and smaller, and her encounters with the Cheshire Cat. The set was basic, allowing the costumes to really shine through.

The show took an approach that I wasn’t expecting, one that served poetic justice as well as comedy. How? Matthew Szabo served as the storyteller throughout the play, which blended with the somber tone that was presented. The storyteller helped to guide the play along and provide background about the situation, making Alice entertaining from the start.

Sophomore Moira Poh can accurately represent the emotions that help towards story development, making the play overall intriguing and interesting.

ALiCE proved to be a winding tunnel of a ride that left audiences scared for Alice and later relieved. It was deserving of accolades.

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