Adopting Useful Study Habits

By: Courtney Suber

In our complicated and busy teenage lives, it seems impossible to adopt and keep useful study skills. With clubs, a social life, family, and even to a certain degree academics, adopting these skills may be a daunting task. In this article I’ll entail how to work studying that’s efficient into a cluttered schedule.

Make windows of time in which you’re available.

To efficiently study you must have time to do so and assuring that you can is the first step. While many may be able to miraculously multitask, it’s easy to forget your train of thought when studying and completing another task. Assure that you have time to personally study.

Identify what studying works best for you.

There are different types of studying and many people have separate patterns that will aid them in assuring the most efficient studying. Whether it’s doing the review packet worth ten points or reading your notes over again, finding your preference will help you to thrive.

Look into getting a tutor.

Tutors aren’t always given negative connotation when it comes to the world of studying. You can seek a tutor in a subject that you may not need help in, but still need to study a lot for. Tutors are there to help you, not hurt you.

Don’t stress about it!

Studying can often be intimidating. Complete silence, hours of cramming, and the pressure to learn all can make people evade studying. But everyone has their own way of learning, and you shouldn’t stress yourself over it.

Making sure that these pieces of advice are applied can increase efficiency and guarantee a good studying experience.

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