A Day at the Stadium

Oct. 23– NSHS TAG students visited Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Rise up and goooo Spartans!



Pictures and Title By: Mr. Throne

Article By: Isabelle Mokotoff

For TAG’s first field trip in North Spring’s history, Spartans ventured to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the heart of Atlanta. Mercedes-Benz is the well-known home of both The Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United, but it also holds another claim to fame: it is the most sustainable sports venue in the world! Along with this very important factor, the TAG teachers selected Mercedes-Benz as the location for the field trip for its affordable price and welcoming nature toward the educational community. “They reached out to us and we were so thrilled!”, gushes TAG teacher Ms. Kaminsky. 

The Mercedes-Benz field trip gave our Spartans a chance to learn about eco-friendly sports and business practices, eat in the stadium seats, and, much to student Jessica Hopper’s excitement, “explore the fields and locker rooms. It was a true game day experience”! Ms. Kaminsky notes that this excursion featured all of the necessary components for a successful TAG adventure: it showed the real-world applications of what students are studying in their courses, illuminated possible career pathways, and stimulated the creativity of the students in our community. With these key factors present in every TAG field trip, Ms. Kaminsky hopes that more students will join TAG activities because of their intrinsic love of learning, NOT because they are worried about receiving a grade or any other external reward. In the future, the TAG team wants to take to students to a few of the myriad places of historical significance Spartans have in our own backyards, including the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, The Temple, and Ebenezer Baptist Church. 

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