Spirit Week

By: Nelson Cummiskey

Pajama Day (Monday)

If you must show up to school, you might as well show up in pajamas. What could be better than feeling sleepy all day because you’re in pajamas but not being able to sleep because you’re in school. Not much can top pajama day making you extremely uninterested in your work and completely infatuated with going to sleep. The constant battle between motivation and relaxation is epic, and exhausting, making snoozing off even more attractive. So, if it being a Monday weren’t bad enough, now the student body would like nothing more than to take a nap on the desk while ignoring the teacher trying their hardest to impart their knowledge to the next generation.

   In addition to making all the students sleepy and annoyed, pajama day is also a lie. Most of the people wearing pajamas definitely don’t sleep in what they are wearing to school. If students wore to school what they actually wore to sleep, there would be oodles of dress code violations being handed out.

   So why do we do pajama day? The answer is simple. Its fun! Pajama day is just one way that we can get excited for homecoming which everyone should be excited to partake in.

Tacky Tourist Day (Tuesday)

Yet another gem of the spirit week, tacky tourist day is one of the best days there is. One special perk of this day is that you can wear a HAT! No one ever lets us wear hats. Additionally, it is considered to be normal to wear a fanny pack. Unfortunately, all the other days of the year it seems to be “weird” to have such a convenient way to hold things. And, what could be the best part of tacky tourist day, is that you can wear socks and sandals with no consequences.

Character Day (Wednesday)

Character day is an odd one. It is such a wide category to work with so picking one character can be hard. However, if you get a group of friends to all show up in coordinated costumes, you could be the coolest kids in school. Some people may find it hard to summon the courage to go to school dressed as one of their favorite characters, so they don’t. Character day has the lowest participation so far of all the days. Maybe people were worn out by the glory of tacky tourist day, or maybe they forgot what day it is. Either way, the student body should be excited and ready to bounce back for decades day.

Decades Day (Thursday)

Decades day could be one of the most fun days there is. Comparing your outfit to the decades of the other classes is a great way to really bring everyone together. It’s so much fun to get into character, asking your parents what people wore back in their day. This year, the freshmen got the 60’s, the sophomores got the 70’s, the juniors got the 80’s, and the seniors got the 90’s. It may have been a little hard for the seniors and freshmen to get in to character, being that most of the 60’s was over 50 years ago and some of the 90’s styles are still “in.” Still, this is a great way to have fun and gain school spirit for homecoming tomorrow.

Pep Rally Spirit Day (Friday)

Yet again, the North Springs student body is divided up by grade. On this spirit day, Spartans are rocking our school colors! The freshmen are sporting orange, sophomores are wearing blue, juniors are dressing in white, and the seniors are dressing up in black. At this afternoon’s pep rally, it will be so cool to see all the grades decked out in spirit wear. Looking forward to see you there Spartans!

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