Green New Deal

By: Courtney Suber

When you hear the term ‘Green New Deal’ and understand the climate crisis that’s currently affecting our world, it sounds like a dream. When you read the bill, it sounds a little TOO much like a dream.

While the idea of a zero-emission high tech society within the next ten years sounds appealing, its highly unrealistic. The idea of rebuilding every major urban area in America is not only extremely unreasonable, but expensive.

Out of the most populous cities in the US, an outstanding 10 have more than 1 million people. New York City alone has a population of 8 million people with 61,054 of them living in homeless shelters. It’s estimated that the final cost of the extreme project will amount to a whopping 93 trillion dollars.

If you’re rational, you may wonder where that money will come from without causing extreme inflation and ruining the US economy. Now it is extreme to suggest that the Green New Deal is a ploy to bring socialism to the United States, but page 11 down seems to mainly consist of restructuring the economy, not how to aid in the climate crisis.

It’s completely understandable to want to compensate for those affected by the intense investment. But when half of the bill is dedicated to discussing the displacement the Green New Deal will cause rather than the effort that will be put in place to prevent this displacement and economic instability, it seems to confirm a conspiracy.

On page 4 in section A and B there’s a focus on socioeconomic standards rather than the environment, which seems to reveal hidden intentions of the bill. Even on the Green New Deal website’s main page, the first paragraph is about economic rearrangement. The first line you see: “The Green New Deal will convert the old, gray economy into a new, sustainable economy that is environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible.”

The Green New Deal is hailed as the key to a utopian society, but it’s impossible to spend what you don’t have. The bill is to change the American economy, not to completely be a remedy to the climate crisis.


Click to access BILLS-116hres109ih.pdf

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