Senior Life

By: Jasmine Potts

Senior year: the mythic nine months when you and your friends rule the school. It’s chock full of both fun and abundant pressure, with never-ending college applications, senior skip day, senior pranks, and, my favorite, senior Olympics. This week, the Oracle brings you a sneak peak of what it’s like to be a senior. 

We asked four seniors — Kennedi Cunningham, Justin Tolbert, Keith Kpodar, and Alaysia Thomas — four very specific questions: 

How do you feel?  

Kennedi: “I feel good, I’m motivated and ready for graduation. I’m excited about prom and I’m ready for graduation”.  

Justin: “I feel good, it’s pretty chill for the most part. Nervous about being out on my own”. 

Keith: “Senior year is not surprising, and it is what it is. I do feel like this year will be the best of my high school years”.  

Alaysia: “I thought I was ready for senior year, but once I fully got into the classroom setting, was done. It’s only been two weeks and it feels like two months”. 

Are you excited?  

Kennedi: “I’m excited about prom, I’m popping out its gone be lit”.  

Justin: “I’m nervous and excited about my senior year. I’m ready for new opportunities”. 

Keith: “I do feel like this year will be the best of his high school years”.  

Alaysia: “Yes, I’m excited for homecoming and prom. I’m just ready to live out my last year of high school”. 

What do you have planned after high school?  

Kennedi: “I want to apply for college, maybe Clark or Howard. I have my own mixtape, I’m a rapper”. 

Justin: “I’m ready for new opportunities, I’m going to college”.  

Keith: “I want to continue playing football and maybe even receive a scholarship for the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)”.  

Alaysia: “College, pursuing business, and entrepreneurship”. 

Do you think the past three years of high school paid off for your senior year? 

  • Kennedi: Yes and no. I came in high school playing a lot and didn’t think it was serious. Stay focused while maintaining grades. High school is a serious matter and it’s not a joke”. 
  • Justin: “Yes, although I could’ve done better”. 
  • Keith: “I think I could’ve done better my freshman and sophomore year”. 
  • Alaysia: “Definitely, it started off rocky. By my sophomore year I was ok, I was on honor roll. It shaped me to be the person I am today”. 

All four seniors answered differently, but all had one trait in common. Kennedi, Justin, Alaysia, and Keith wished they would have taken their previous years of school more seriously.  

The group felt like their education wasn’t important at the time, or that paying attention in class wasn’t necessary. More than half are excited about what their senior year will bring, in addition to how smoothly the year is going for them. 

Besides Kennedi and Justin feeling overwhelmed, Alaysia and Keith are laid back. Keith wants to continue playing football and maybe even receive a scholarship for the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Alaysia will be attending college where she also wants to be an entrepreneur and plans to pursue business. And me. How do I feel? Honestly, I think senior year is nerve-racking. Although I do feel very accomplished, and highly blessed to have made it this far. anxiety has kicked in and the real world seems to be coming quicker than I imagined and the responsibilities are frightening me. In addition to the fun events, these are our last months of high school and we should cherish them. 

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