High School isn’t that Bad

By: Nelson Cummiskey

It’s their last year… finally. The seniors of North Springs are excited to be leaders in this school and are gearing up for college. But right now, let’s take a look back and see what some seniors thought about their high school experience. 

They’ve been here a while, and they’ve picked up a few things on the way. The number one thing according to senior Isha Perry is that “time flies.” Try to enjoy high school while you can, because one day you’ll wake up and wonder where the last four years of your life have gone.. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses, because believe it or not, you will probably look back on your experience at North Springs fondly. High school is a lot more fun when you’re not focused on counting down the seconds on the clock. 

Some seniors also had something to say to the younger kids that might help them. The simplest of advice given was to “walk faster.” Getting stuck behind a group of freshmen strolling to class is quite infuriating and is no way to earn brownie points with the student body in a new school. In a much more serious piece of advice, Lindy Feintuch recommends that you “focus on your GPA early, because it matters every year. Also take advantage of what you get in the freshmen academy.” It’s no fun having to get your GPA out of a hole for the next three years that you dug when you were a freshman. Especially because freshman these days have a whole “academy” devoted to their success.

When asked what their favorite part of North Springs is, Perry said that, “There’s not much drama here and everyone is nice to each other. There’s a very relaxed culture.” Drama doesn’t seem to be in short supply at most high schools, but North Springs seems to be a diamond in the rough. That’s not to say you will never get involved in any issues with your peers, but it is not the norm at this school. Life may not be that exciting here but it beats the alternative of having to  worry about who “hates” who that week.

High school doesn’t have to be a rough four years. It can be really fun if you put in the effort. Join a club, do a sport, sit next to someone new at lunch, there’s so much opportunity to have a good time that seems to be wasted because kids are convinced that high school stinks. There’s ups and downs at every high school, but by the end of your four years here, you’ll be wishing you were back in the “good old days.”

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